From an idea to individual packaging development

From the idea to produce environmental friendly packaging the company Cropack was founded on 01.01.1992. In a 40 m² production hall in Crock developed and produced Mr. Schulz, by 2000, two employees of corrugated cardboard packaging.

Of corrugated cardboard the company produced plates, which were further processed, for example for packaging of furniture, electronics and engineering products. The developed cushions, which is unrivaled in its shape was used with a variety of upholstered corners. Edges, corners and surfaces were protected by the use of insulation, filler or carrier material.

With the strong growth of the company and the increasing volume of orders the 40m ² production hall became too small and we moved in 2001 to Eisfeld, a 400 m² hall. After taking over the company Holzartikel Hähnel in March 2011 the company Cropack moved back to Crock. In addition to roll corrugated board packaging, also materials for packing made of wood for example wooden cassettes and also toys were produced.

The "invisible edge connection" is unique in the field of wood processing and can be recognized as our brand mark. Through the adaptation of production to individual customer needs Cropack has developed and produced more than 300 cassettes variants. Also the hand-made toys is enormous popular in pedagogical education.