Wooden caskets

Our wooden boxes are mainly made from beech timber. The untreated board material is cut to length and by planing, sawing, molding and painting processed to wooden boxes. According to the needs of our customers, the wooden boxes are supplied with their own inner life / classification for tools with foam inserts, fabrics or flocking.

Our toy manufacturing we have partially adopted from the earlier days and currently produce building block sets with beeswax out of natural and untreated wood.

  • opaque paint inside and out
  • Fittings in matching color
  • Internal divisions customized
  • even the highest standards can be implemented
  • Profile for heads
  • Protection of the knife by foam in the lid and bottom
  • solid catch by center type mandrel
  • for high quality milling cutters
  • Holder is rotatably
  • Protection of the knife through a glued foam
  • Size and design of very variable
  • here with support for countersink
  • quality design
  • Supporting the drill is rotatable
  • Cover secured with pressure snapper
  • for long-hole drill
  • with bracket to protect the drive-in thread or spurs